The year Harold Dull created Watsu®, the world's first Aquatic Bodywork, he created Tantsu® to bring back onto land Watsu's nurturing holding, and the joy in the movement freed floating someone level with the heart. Today Tantsu has evolved into a practice in which everyone can share that joy with new Core Whole Body Holds. These provide a containment in which it is safe to go deep within as breathing connects and movements resonate through our bodies, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes exploratory and playful and creative, sometimes leading us into a deeper stillness than we have ever shared with another. There are no long sequences or points to memorize. Tantsu is being with someone without intention, breathing and listening with your whole body as you lean in or rock their back free, or stretch an arm or leg and, when called, pull the other arm or leg into the dance. No part of our being is left out of the dance. Freed from the confines that esoteric interpretations place upon other paths, freed from any intention to heal or fix that can accompany bodywork, Tantsu is a new way to be with others, a new humanism, a way to access and share our creative joy in the interplay of breath, movement and stillness. More at

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