Tantsuyoga Expanded Flower Round Lesson 1
The Side Change and the Finish are introduced here as the first expansion though in the fully expanded Flower Round they will appear after the expansions that will subsequently be introduced. This provides the opportunity to practice each expansion on both sides as they are introduced. You will now have the beginning and the ending and all that will be subsequently added is what comes between them. In our classes students who have both sides held for the first time in this expansion, remark on how more complete it seems and how they are taken to a deeper level with the ending. They also remark how alternating their roles on the two sides and holding together from the head and the feet in the finish creates a greater union, a union that continues even when the hands are lifted off at the end, our last celebration of union in the session.

You can do a team run through of the Round with everyone in each role, eyes open. Follow that with this expanded Flower Round at your own pace with only the guide's eyes open until the legs are being lifted and the holder needs to adjust the upper body.

The holder on the first side becomes the guide on the second side. As the work on each side comes to completion, it is the guide who lifts the knees, whether it is to roll someone to the second side or to bring them onto their back at the finish. At the same time the one who had been the holder moves above the head, adjusting the head onto the pillow in the side change or removing it for the finish so the spine can be kept aligned. Any initial awkwardness should disappear as you apply these transitions in subsequent expansions. Rather than sitting down and trying to learn the full expansion, each of these lessons adds just enough new material to keep enjoying and celebrating union in each flower round.

If you are working at a table and have not learned to change sides in a class, tell the one held beforehand that you will be asking them to roll over and be close to the opposite edge of the table. Have space on both sides of the table to hold from.

Before the session find out if they have any problem that tractioning at the end could aggravate, such as a pinched nerve. Tell them that when they feel their feet being pulled to say if they want a stronger pull.

If the guide has not yet been held he or she lies in a fetal position. The one who had been the last holder helps the one who had been held up before moving into place to hold. (As in any round the first to hold becomes the next to be held.)

Roll to the Second Side
As holder lowers the arm he just raised guide moves around the head to swing up the bent legs. Holder moves above the head.
Guide lowers bent legs to side B while holder pulls arm across and adjusts pillow under head.
Second Side
The former holder supports as guide while the new holder mirrors all the moves and celebrations that had been done on side A
FINISH - Grounding
The guide lifts the bent knees as he stands and holds them gently pushed towards the chest, keeping the sacrum flat on the floor, while the holder leans into the heart gates. Hold.
Pulling Legs and Arms
The guide squats pulling the ankles while the holder pulls the arms holding them below the wrists. The one being tractioned says if he wants a stronger pull.
Pulling Head
The Holder lays the arms out to the side. The guide holds the ankles while the holder gently pulls the head with the sides of the index fingers against the occipital ridge, keeping the spine aligned.
Covering Eyes
While the guide leans the heels of his hands into the soles, splaying the feet out to the sides, the holder palms the eyes without touching the eyeballs.
Heart and Third Eye
The guide continues leaning into the soles while the holder places one hand very lightly over the third eye and the other on the heart center.
Lift Off
Both lift off simultaneously and sit, celebrating in silence how they are still in union though no longer touching. The one at the feet is the next to lie down and be held.
Tantsuyoga Expanded Flower Round Lesson 2