The first lesson in expanding the Flower Round
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Bring Watsu's movement as water onto land and enter the Ocean Within together
The Power of Three
Join, a water flower on land whose petals currents open. Take turns as holder, held, and guide whose support helps holder keep his eyes closed as all three enter the Ocean Within. Join as a lotus on a still pond where the light opens the petals.

Instructions to learn the Flower Round

Yoga means union. The above 12 minute video shows all the steps and principles of the original Tantsuyoga Flower Round. Download the instructions and read them while watching the video with two others. Learn and practice it together. After the above video, Tantsuyoga has continued to be developed alongside Watsu in our Explorer Path classes (an ideal place to learn both). The instructions above introduce where and how both the holderÕs and the guideÕs movement as water can now bring all three into the Ocean Within, the whole that is greater than the sum of all the movements within. Once you have learned to move as water together, your team of three can lead groups into this Watsu on land:

Present the Flower Round

Flowering the Parks Around the World

When celebrations engage our whole body our whole being everything is in the union we celebrate.
Any team of three can announce a gathering in a park. If enough show up they can lead them through the Flower Round. If not. the three can explore how much deeper they can get into their own Round or the Tantsuyoga by Two. When they open their eyes they may be surrounded by other Rounds, each in their own stage of flowering, or not. Whatever is around them, people come to watch, passerbys, the trees, the sky, or is not, are all in the union they celebrate.
Help bring these celebrations into parks, homes, schools and studios around the world.
Tantsuyoga by Two
Besides introducing the Ocean in the Flower Round in our classes we developed a Tantsuyoga by Two. The containment and the oceanic movement introduced while holding someone on their first side with a guide behind moving as water, reaches a new level on the second side, with one holder under the head and the other at the hip, breathing, pressing, pulling, stretching and sending waves up the back as one, the greater their spontaneous synchronicity, the more profound the containment.
Tantsuyoga Presentership
Learning the Tantsuyoga by Two in our classes can start you on a path towards a Tantsuyoga Presentership, where contributions for your Tantsyoga by Two sessions will help support regularly offering the Flower Round to the public which will bring more to your sessions and help us in our goal of making unconditional holding available to everybody.
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